Rhodes 19 Skirted Mooring

Skirted Mooring Cover (SMO)

Full deck over-boom cover with heavy duty nylon zipper running from the mast to sidestay and flap that snaps over zipper to protect zipper from damaging UV. Stand up mast collar with drawcord closure. Flaps that snap around stays to protect chain plates from water seepage and shade deck from UV discoloring in the stay areas. Covers fit with 5/16" elastic shock cord in hem 6" below the rubrail and have tie-down points, too. For shock cord to hold, your boat deck must overhang at least 1" out from hull. Other class covers, such as Thistles and Highlanders, attach with snaps. We supply you with both the cover snaps and hull snaps. Large screen at aft end allows for ventilation plus vent over front deck. Reinforcements at gooseneck just behind mast collar, at end of boom, over spinnaker cleats and pulleys, over all standard-class protruding cleats and eyes, and back corners of boat. Exceptionally good UV protection for sails left flaked over boom during mooring. Has a skirt to protect the sides, transom, and bow from fading or chalking in the sunlight. Skirt has flaps which snap around side stays, drawcord in the hemline, and velcro closure at bow.

Available Options: Fabric | Color | Monogram | Boom Crutch Modification

NOTE: Most of the Rhodes 19 booms are moored with their boom sitting off center to port by about 6". However, we have encountered an occasional boat where someone has made their own boom crutch where the boom is centered when moored. We have a cover pattern for both, the normal off centered to port boom and the centered boom. Please indicate below which way your boom is stored.

Price: $923.00