Rhodes 19 Mooring Cover

Mooring Cover (MOR)

A full deck over-boom cover is an essential accessory for sailboat maintenance, offering robust protection against the elements. The heavy-duty nylon zipper ensures a snug fit from mast to sidestay, while the protective flap shields the zipper from UV damage, prolonging its lifespan. The stand-up mast collar with drawcord closure and snap flaps around the stays provide additional safeguards against water ingress and UV discoloration, crucial for preserving the integrity of the chain plates and the deck's appearance. The versatility of these covers is evident in their design to accommodate various classes with either elastic shock cords or snap attachments, ensuring a secure fit for a wide range of sailboats. The inclusion of a large aft screen and an overhead vent promotes airflow, preventing moisture buildup, which is vital for preventing mold and mildew. Reinforcements at critical points like the gooseneck, boom end, and cleats enhance durability, offering peace of mind that your vessel is well-protected, even when sails are left flaked over the boom during mooring periods. This comprehensive approach to design not only ensures exceptional UV protection but also extends the longevity of your sailboat's components.

Available Options: Fabric | Color | Skirt | Monogram | Boom Crutch Modification

NOTE: Most of the Rhodes 19 booms are moored with their boom sitting off center to port by about 6". However, we have encountered an occasional boat where someone has made their own boom crutch where the boom is centered when moored. We have a cover pattern for both, the normal off centered to port boom and the centered boom. Please indicate below which way your boom is stored.

Price: $657.00