What is the difference between the Mooring Cover and the Trailing-Mooring Cover?

Diagram showing Mooring verses the Trailing Mooring Covers

Both the MOORING and the TRAILING-MOORING (T-M) styles cover the entire boat deck - from the bow to the aft end, around stays, and around the mast.

If you moor your boat at the lake with the mast up, select the over-the-boom MOORING cover because the boom is a better support for the cover to shed rain than the rope bridle of the T-M cover. Also, the MOORING style is easier to put on.

If you need a travel cover, because you store your boat in the backyard or go to regattas, the T-M cover is versatile. It covers the entire deck of the boat and will fit with the mast up, but NOT OVER THE BOOM. It is low profile and therefore can be trailed. When using with the mast up, take the boom off and lay it into the cockpit. Hook your halliard to the rope bridle that we have sewn to the middle of the cover at the cockpit area. Pull the halliard upward to slope the cover to run off rainwater (as shown in photo #1).

Polyester Army Duck vs Acrylic for your T-M Style Cover

Flow chart showing which cover is best for you