Custom Boat Covers... Designed for trailing

Which Ones Are Durable…
And Which Ones Fall Apart When You Trail Down The Highway

Our covers last 7-10 years... Industry norm is 5 years.

Unlike our competitors, you don’t have to run back and forth with your boat while we order fabric.
We have everything in stock and there’s no cutting fee! We give you a telephone estimate, or when you bring your boat in, an exact quote before you leave.We schedule your boat in on Monday and the cover is finished by Friday.Your boat is kept in our boat house, so it is locked up and out of the weather.

Sailors Tailor Motoboat Cover

Our customers have referred to our boat covers with words such as “legendary quality”, “revolutionary designs”, and "unparalleled workmanship". Thousands of Sailors’ Tailor covers are sold nationally each year and that has gained us nationwide recognition for high quality, good value, and unmatched workmanship. We definitely are the trendsetters...cover makers across the country as well as locally have imitated our designs, but have not been able to equal them. Since 14-17 hours of sewing time are needed to produce a Sailors’ Tailor powerboat cover, we question whether anyone else can give you equally detailed workmanship in 1 day. Our prices are competitive, and they reflect our 2+ days of sewing and fitting. We are giving you 17 hours worth of sewing and fitting to produce a cover that will last and last. If you are paying a similar amount, but only are getting 7 hours worth of sewing, can you possibly be getting as much cover for your money elsewhere? Please come in and let us show you exactly what we put into a cover that you cannot get anywhere else.

Do Not Buy ANY Motorboat Cover
Until You Study This Comparison Chart

Sailors’ Tailor
Poles with rubber crutch tips that peak cover perfectly. Bows that eventually invert, inviting water and accelerating fabric deterioration.
3/16” solid braided nylon draw cord in hem for snug custom fit and easy trailing. Tie downs or cotton draw cord allowing cover to flap and tear.
Double-folded hems stitched through 3 layers. Turned-up hems stitched through 2 layers.
Unique Vinylike double-coated Poly Army Duck Uncoated, or laminated fabric that delaminates.
Concealed adjustable snaps so cover will always fit. Unsightly crooked snap rows that smash easily, and will not stay snapped if cover shrinks.
PTFE Teflon® Thread holds up against UV damage and acid rain. Chemically stripped UVR polyester thread that lasts 2 years.
Flat-Felled seams double stitched through 4 layers. Single or chain stitched through 2 layers.
Screened Ultra Vents Unscreened vents perfect for wasps and other insects to enter under your cover.
Nylon zippers don’t scratch the boat. Metal zippers that corrode.

Get A Cover That Fits And That Doesn’t Require All Those Ugly Crooked Rows Of Snaps
We guarantee your boat cover will fit perfectly—even if you’re trailing it along the highway coast to coast! No more shredding! Our poles hold your cover at a perfect water-shedding peak. Our competitors use bows that eventually invert, inviting water retention and accelerated cover deterioration. Our one-of-a-kind screened Ultra Vents are strategically placed for optimum trailing. Plus, our Ultra Vents are hooded with poly army duck to best deflect rain while deterring insects. We use draw cord in our hems to complete the custom fit. Our concealed adjustable snaps have three reinforcement layers prepared to take a beating. Other makers drill snap holes and load your boat with unsightly crooked snap rows that eventually smash into the dock, rendering them useless.


Polyester or Canvas
Polyester or Canvas
$ 700
$ 750
$ 800
$ 850
$ 900
$ 950
$ 1050
$ 1100
$ 1150
$ 1200
$ 1250
$ 1300
$ 1350
-Less $5 - closed bow.
-Less $5 - I/O or inboard.

Plus fabric vents (3 included.)
($15 each vent after 3 vents.)
Plus $30 ea. pouch for windshield, trolling motor, or seat.

Plus $16 - ea.pole vent.
Plus $20 - ea. cleat hole.
Plus $25 - ladder modification.

*Boat length measured over windshield - 7” rounded up.

Pontoon Boat Covers (1.2 x mb)


$1200 - $2000

Price depends upon length & width of boat, how the cover is supported, length of the cover drop, how it is attached, and number of vents.

Add 6.75% Ohio sales tax.

Note: The fabric you select should depend upon how you want to use your new cover.

Polyester Army Duck...8-10 years life expectancy!
  1. Cost divided by # of years = lowest price cover you will ever own!
2. Specially woven & finished to our specifications.
3. Non-shrinking, non-stretching, non-absorbent mildew resistant 100% Polyester Army Duck.
4. Excellent combination of water repellancy and abrasion resistence.
5. Superior for trailing & excellent resistence to the sun’s UV damage.
  1. 100% acrylic fiber silicone coated for water repellancy. Resistent to rot & mildew.
2. Ideally suited for sail covers, cockpit covers, and close fitted, well sloped enclosures.
3. Color fastness guaranteed for 5 years, but acrylic needs to be tied down carefully as yarns have low abrasion resistence. Not recommended for trailering.
4. Polyester Army Duck price Plus 15%.
Toughest Trailing Cover Made
Pacific Blue
Sky Blue
Silver Grey
Taupe Tan
* Golden Yellow
* Spring Green
* Red
* Burgundy
* Teal
* Upcharge 10%


1. Custom-fit and DESIGNED FOR TRAILERING means it can be towed 1000’s of miles without self-destructing.

2. TEFLON THREAD - LONGEST LASTING against sun UV and acid rain. Eleven years ago we changed to PTFE Teflon thread even though it costs 9 times more than UVR polyester thread. Customers who leave boats out year around complain that UVR polyester thread lets go in just 2 years. Due to our commitment to the highest quality possible, we use Teflon thread for all new covers and all repairs at NO UPCHARGE.

3. GUARANTEED workmanship.

4. 3 LAYERS of cover material plus CLOSED CELL FOAM across entire top of windshield. Additional layer of truck tarp vinyl at corners to prevent poke through.

5. Truck tarp VINYL REINFORCEMENT at all sharp wear points.

6. Heavy duty ADJUSTABLE SNAPS installed onto cover and boat to compensate for shrinkage so cover will always fit.

7. 3/16” SOLID BRAIDED NYLON DRAWCORD in hem of cover attaches to mooring eyes at stern & bow.

8. Tie down WEBBING LOOPS along sides for extra safety.

9. Doubly sewn with lockstitch FLAT FELLED SEAMS (Levi seam), absolutely the strongest seam known as it leaves no exposed edges to fray.

10. Self-standing POLES for positive cover support that cannot cave in.

11. 3 vents included to facilitate air exchange and dry-out.