About Us

The Sailors' Tailor name is well known nationwide as a maker of premium boat covers for 250 One-Design classes of sailboats.

For 50 years, Bob Rowland, his family, and the Sailors' Tailor team have built a reputation for long-lasting, extremely durable, roadworthy products.

In 1972, Bob Rowland, Multi-Class National and International Champion, decided there was a need for an affordable quality boat cover worthy of protecting a $20-35,000 investment. It should last 10 years, not 5, as is the industry norm. Bob had, and still has, many priorities in mind. The cover:

  1. Should not shrink, mildew, or stretch.
  2. Should stop UV from attacking the boat.
  3. Should be water tight.
  4. Should be guaranteed to fit and cover the boat thoroughly.
  5. Should have extensive reinforcement.

Owners of The Sailors Tailor

Bob and Sandy Rowland

A Multi-Class National and International Champion Knows How to give you A Custom Fit Every Time!

As a sailor himself, Bob knows what sailors want...and what sailors need. Today, Bob and the Sailors' Tailor team are not in business just to sell covers, but also to educate customers on which cover and fabric will best suit their needs. For example, in some instances, acrylic fabric is better for your boat than polyester. They ask the right questions to see which fabric is best for you. They make sure your cover will fit your boat the way a leather glove fits your hand. A perfect fit - Guaranteed!

The Sailors' Tailor team knows the importance of using quality materials and equipment to make the perfect cover for you. Teflon thread isn't an extra...It's A MUST! Sailors' Tailor is the only cover maker to lock stitch hems and seams.

Here's Your Cover. See You in 10 Years.

It's not very good for business really - making a product so durable, so long-lasting, that customers don't need a replacement for 7 to 10 years. It works out in the end though, because word spreads quickly. Sailors' Tailor covers can be seen on 1/3 to 1/2 of boats in some yacht club parking lots. You should check it our next time you go boating. Look for the Sailors' Tailor Logo!