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Ensign 22 (Pearson) Cockpit Cover/Sail Cover

Cockpit Cover / Sail Cover (COS)

This cover is part sail cover and part cockpit cover. Fullness was added to the cover to allow the main be left on the boom (flaked back and forth) and partially up the mast. Boom tent covers cockpit, mainsail, and fits over the boom from the mast to aft deck. Zips together down front of the mast. Reinforced sail head area and over outhaul at end of boom. Closed back end zips up to topping lift hole. Large PVC hooks on 3/16" shock cord are provided for hooking around rubrail.

Fullness was added to this style cockpit cover going up the mast to accommodate luff slugs or boltrope left in the mast.

Available Options: Fabric | Color | Monogram
Price: $475.00