Ensign 22 (Pearson) Cockpit Cover

1963 Pearson Ensign on Lake Winnipesaukee 

Cockpit Cover (COC)

Boom tent covers cockpit and fits over the boom from the mast to aft deck. Zips together down front of the mast. Reinforced over gooseneck just behind the mast collar and over outhaul at end of boom.  Closed back end zips up to topping lift hole. Large PVC tubing hooks on 3/16" shock cord are provided for hooking around rubrail.

This cover will fit over the sail flaked over the boom if the slugs or boltrope are totally removed from the mast.

**However, if you want to leave the luff slugs or boltrope in the mast, then see our Cockpit Sail Cover style.

Available Options: Fabric | Color | Monogram
Price: $415.00