Types of Cords in Hems

Would you like shock cord or tie string in the hem?

We offer 2 different ways to draw up the sides and keep the cover on.

Elastic Shock Cord
Sailboat cover with shock cord

In most of our covers we use 5/16” elastic shock cord that firmly cinches up around the hull under the rubrail, so you don’t have to put snaps into your boat to hold the cover on. We have designed our covers so you don’t need leg-scuffing hardware on the deck. We also give you webbing loops with tie cords for tying your cover down to your lift or trailer.

Drawcord Tie
sailboat cover with draw cord

Some of our customers prefer to have drawcord in the hems instead of the shock cord. They have boats moored in the water and said the rope made it easier to get the cover over the edges with them climbing around on the boat. Once the cover is on, they then can tighten up the cord to secure the cover.