Bar Traveler Modification

Do you have a bar traveler?

Y Flyer Sailboat Traveler measurement diagram

Boats that have a bar traveler need our bar traveler pouch modification.

We sew a pocket into the cover which fits over the traveler In order to custom fit your bar traveler, we need 4 measurements.

1. Width of traveler

2. Height off the deck at the outside ends of the traveler bar.

3. Height off the deck in the middle of the traveler bar.

4. Distance from the back end of the boat forward to the traveler bar.


For the Y Flyer Class.. if you have a newer Turner Marine boat, then we do not need these measurements as the location is standard. However, older Y Flyers, other brands, or if your boat was rigged by someone other than Chet, please submit your measurements to insure a good custom fit. Send in the "special instructions" part of our on-line order form via email, or by fax.