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VX-1 Modified Trailing Mooring Cover

Modified Trailing Cover (TRM)

Full deck cover to use for both trailing and mooring. Lies flat over the deck for trailing but has a zipper in the transom which allows the cover to get fuller in the transom for mooring. Has 5/16" elastic shock cord in the hem to hold 6" under the rub-rail, tie-down points, heavy duty nylon zipper, mast collar with drawcord closure, and flaps that snap around stays. Reinforcements are at back corners, fairlead areas, and cleat areas. Because of the zipper in the transom, this cover unzipped transom will fit over the boom when boom is in crutch with mast up. For trailing, zip the transom closed and the cover goes over the mast when down for trailing and is much flatter at the transom.

Available Options:  Fabric | Color |Vents | Monogram
Price: $728.00