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Mini Fish Mooring Cover

Mini Fish Mooring Cover (MOR)

This cover allows you to simply lower your 2 booms down the mast onto the deck and cover the boat without having to de-rig.
There are 2 ways we can finish the back end of the cover….Boom sock modification or Rudder-Up modification. A zipper runs from the mast to the bow. Elastic shock cord in the hemline hugs the side of the boat about 6” under your rubrail. The stand-up mast collar has a drawcord in the hemline to cinch closed around the mast.

Boom sock modification: When you slide the booms straight down the mast, the booms and your sail will stick out beyond the back end of the boat. We sew a boom sock out the back to protect your sail from the sun. (Add $12.00).

Rudder-Up modification: If you have a kick-up rudder, we extend the cover to protect your rudder from harmful UV sunrays as well. This modification will automatically cover the end of the boom. (Add $20.00)

Available Options : Fabric | Color | Monogram | Boom Sock Modification | Rudder-Up Modification

Price: $286.00