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Force Five Sailboat Bottom Cover

Bottom Cover (BOT)

Protect the bottom surface and sides of your sailboat from dirt, tar, and flying stones while trailing or storing. Bottom cover has a 5/16" elastic shock cord in the hem to hold the cover on to the deck (around perimeter) and webbing loops with tie cords across the deck. Designed with several screen covered drain holes and reinforcements where needed. 

3 Materials to choose from

100% Polyester Napbac (Gray Nap)

Specially water repellant material with white flannel-like inside for bottom, rudder, daggerboard, and tiller covers. Flannel inside acts like a polishing cloth and keeps racing surfaces smooth and clean.

Acrylic Coated Poly

Special polyester fabric which has a urethane coating which adds to the stability of the weave and makes the cover more water resistant as well as shrink/stretch resistant.

Highly water resistant
High UV and mildew / mold resistance
Excellent tear and abrasion resistance
Non-abrasive to gelcoat or other popular marine finishes
Light weight makes putting bottom covers on easier than Napbac

Polyester Army Duck

Superior protection and very tough. Specially finished to our specifications. Non-shrinking, non-stretching, non-absorbent, mildew resistant 100% polyester army duck 14 oz. per yard. Superior combination of water repellency and abrasion resistance. Outstanding for trailing and excellent resistance to sun's UV damage. Lasts longer than acrylic or canva

Available Options:  Fabric | Color | Monogram
Price: $271.00