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Etchells Cockpit Cover

Cockpit Cover (COC)

Boom tent covers cockpit and fits over the boom from the mast to transom. Snaps together down front of the mast. Reinforced over gooseneck just behind the mast collar and over outhaul at end of boom. Our standard cover will have 5 grommets along the hem to tie the cover down to a trailer or a boat lift.

NEW... If your boat is moored on the water, there is nothing to tie the cover down to. In that case we have the option below to have us sew 4 batten pockets on the underside of the cover. These then will stiffen the cover holding it out flat from the boom to the deck as seen above. You will tie the front corner of the cockpit cover to the side stay, and the aft corner to the spinnaker block, but the 2 middle grommets would be removed, and battens would then hold the cover out. (cover above has these battens, see picture #2 and #3) Shipping the battens is difficult since they are 51.5" long, but we can supply them. Or you can save shipping by having us just add the pockets and you find your own batten stiffeners at Lowe's or some home Improvement store as you are just needing a wood or fiberglass dowel rod to slide into the pockets.

Available Options: Fabric | Color |  Monogram
Price: $347.00