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Cape Dory Typhoon Weekender Cockpit Cover

Cockpit Cover (COC)

Boom tent covers cockpit and fits over the boom from the mast to transom. Snaps together down front of the mast. Reinforced over gooseneck just behind the mast collar and over out haul at end of boom. Either hook hardware or snap hardware is provided for attaching to boat. Open back end.

NOTE: This cover is designed to fit the Daysailor model (96" long boom). However, we can adjust the cover to fit your boat if we know your exact boom length from the back of the mast to the end of the boom. 99' to 108"?

Back End:  Would you like a back end in this cover? Boats with booms longer than the cockpit do not need a back-end closure. However, if your boom is short of the back end of the cockpit, then you will need a back end in the cover to keep the rain out of the cockpit.

Available Options:   Fabric | Color | Attaching Hardware | Monogram
Price: $431.00