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505 High Aspect Padded Rudder Tiller Attached

New High Aspec Rudder Cover Allows Tiller on or Off (Water Rat)

This 505 Rubber cover is designed to fit the new, taller, high aspect rudders. These rudder bags have a nylon shell outside which zips open and closed. Rudder bag closes with two zipper sliders allowing you to close it up with tiller on or off. This rudder bag is available with either our standard inside foam liner sandwiched between an additional quarter inch layer of closed cell foam inserted in between these layers, or the inside can be finished off with soft lambswool. A great way to protect your rudder while storing or transporting to and from the lake. Monogrammed of the 505 class symbol comes standard. To add your boat name or number, simply add this item to cart, then while in the shopping cart, ;click on add a monogram. Fits rudders up to 50" x 10".

Available Options: Monogram
Price: $133.00