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Trailer Brace
Do you need a trailer brace modification done to your cover?

Most Flying Scots are tied down to the trailer by a webbing strap nowadays. If you use a webbing tie down to the trailer for traveling, you do not need the trailer brace modification.

But, in the past, many Scots were secured to the trailer by a tie down wood bar...a 2” x 4” brace that ran across the boat near the back end of the cockpit and had chains at both ends that dropped down and attached to the trailer. Since the trailer brace runs under the cover, we need to modify the cover with 2 sleeve-like additions, so the 2” x 4” bar or pipe can run through the cover and outward beyond the boat, to allow the chains to drop down and attach to the trailer. The sleeve holes close tightly around the 2” x 4” with double cinch cords.




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